Mass index backlinks trick and tool

As everyone knows, creating RSS feed from all your URLs and then syndicating these feeds to all the totally different RSS directories and aggregators might be the most effective methods to get listed quickly in Google.
But, in case you have thousands of articles, movies, podcasts, blasts of Xrumer, Scrapebox….need to be indexed, it would be very tedious to create a feed for every single backlink. And it would take a few days working hard.

So, how to finish this unexcited wok in a few minutes?

The key is in creating customized RSS feeds.
You can do this utilizing a free service called RSS Mix at
Any of the content material you have on the Internet could be put into your own customized RSS feeds. Just throw a list at this tool and it make 1 RSS feed for you. This can be submitted to the top RSS directories, giving you lot of one-way backlinks. also permits you to combine any number of RSS feeds or URLs into one new feed, which opens up lots of new link constructing opportunities.

You’ll be able to create one massive RSS feed from all of your sources using RSS Mix. By creating one huge RSS feed, you’ll be able to submit ONLY ONE feed to all the completely different RSS directories.
If you are still not sure, repeat the process with old feeds (or URLs) but new tittle and then submit this “new” mixed-feed (actually contains old feeds – URLs) to all the completely different RSS directories again.
For more, ping the Big feed thousand times to all the leading search engines, and bookmark it to the most famous social sites in the world.