Facebook Share Script

What does the Script do ? How is it Done 

I've called this script "EasyShare". I developed this script myself. The script has been developed to run on blogger. You don't need to pay for any hosting, or domain names. You can basically be up and running within 5 minutes without spending anything.

The script has also been developed to be stealth from Facebook. There is ZERO HTML IN THE BODY. Check the source if you don't believe me. All the HTML is generated via JavaScript. The JavaScript has been obfuscated to futher avoid content detection from Facebook.

It's a very small script with only 2 files:

  • 1 Blogger Template
  • 1 .JS file
How Do I Set It Up?

Open "jqi.js" and edit the variables. There's only a few and I've included comments. Once done, save it.

Now, go to Google Sites. Google it. I can't post links. Set up a site. Once you've created a site, add a page to the site and set the page type to "File Cabinet". Give the page a name "js". Once you've added the page upload the "jqi.js" file. Hover over download, right click on copy link location. Paste the link into notepad. Look for "jqi.js?". Select the question mark and all the text after the question mark and delete. Your link should now end in "jqi.js".

Open the blogger template file and copy the link into the "src" attribute of the "script" tag. Overwrite my example url.

Edit the meta tags at the top of the blogger template. If you are unsure on how to edit them, visit Facebooks Open Graph page for an explination of the meta tags.

Create yourself a blogger blog. Give it any name you want. Chose a meaningful URL. Select any design, it don't matter. Go to the "Design" tab and select "Edit HTML".

Paste ALL of the HTML from the blogger template into the text box, and press save. You should be asked if you want to keep or delete the widgets. Select delete.

Now, view your blog, and test. If you've set it up right, it will work.

Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/?x1vq5t64c2mwi5q