Do I Need Backlinks?

Websites ranked at the first pages of a search engine's result have thousands or possibly millions of back links behind them. So, what are backlinks? These are actually the links coming from other websites directed to your website often called as Inlinks. Having numerous back links will allow search engines to determine the importance and popularity of your website- top search results are more popular than other websites with similar content. This can be considered as the footsteps of your website and search engines will be looking for these footsteps in ranking your page.

If you try to search using the keywords water, molecules, business, or Internet most likely you will get the first result pointed to wikipedia. This is because the site has more than 4,000,000 million of these back links in Yahoo and 16,400 in Google. Everyday these links are increasing as webmasters continue linking their content to this site. The more websites fetching content from them the more backlinks they get.

Now the question "Do I need backlinks"? "No", if you do not want your website to be at the top search pages then why worry about gathering millions of backlinks. But if you want to and you must position your website on the top search pages of a search engine, then you need to outpace the number of back links other websites have. If they have millions, make yours double. This is how important inlinks are.

How can you get these links? There are actually several ways to increase the back links of your website, but the main factor is authority. For others to recognize your website, you must be an expert on the theme of your website. People will follow your website once they know it is reliable and the contents are clear and accurate.

Article submission, directory submission, and social bookmarking are just few of several ways that you can use to increase back links. The most effective and easiest way would be joining forums. Forums related to your website will increase your website`s importance and popularity through signatures you add with every post you make.