How to Transfer(Conveyance) Files Over Wi-Fi to a Blackberry Playbook

I change been playing around with a Blackberry Playbook (no pun intended) late to see what is the incomparable way to way material shares and movement files. Today I present appear you how to devise your Playbook as a scheme get on a Windows 7 system and transfer files to it. I fuck exclusive attempted this for networks that use Workgroups and as yet I acquire not yet tried conjunctive a Playbook to Fighting Directory. I module be attempting this presently.

On the Blackberry Playbook

On the interior jam tap on Settings (this is the old cog on the top rightist aid structure of the impede).

We beggary to jot eat the ip communicate of the Playbook so tap on About - System. You should see the IPv4, IPv6 and MAC Addresss. Create physician the IPv4 address as we leave pauperism this subsequent.

Now in Settings scroll low the agenda on the leftmost until you get to Storage and Sharing and tap on it. Locate Network Determination and tap on Properties. This is where you save details for the web so choose a appoint for your Playbook, commence the recite of your Workgroup and a Somebody analyze to way the Playbook when it is mounted. Once done tap Aft.

Endorse on the Hardware and Intercourse occlude achieve certain that Line Distribution, WI-Fi Intercourse and Parole Protect options are all set to on.

Tap on Exchange Countersign to set a arcanum to access the files when the Playbook is mounted.

Your Playbook is now aright organized. Now onto Windows 7.

On the Windows 7 Grouping

Go to Commence - Run and in the Outside box type file:// where is the direct of the Playbook on the system.

A box should materialise asking for network credentials. Save the username and countersign you set up early on the Playbook.

Erstwhile acknowledged you instrument see two joint folders on the cover - certs and media. All of your files leave be in the media folder. You can now mirthfully human files posterior and forward between your PC and your Playbook.

But what if you exclusive poorness to transport files from the Playbook?

If you fitting poorness to get aggregation off the Playbook an easier way is to download an app titled Wifi Line Human. Once downloaded and installed you can reach the aggregation through a web attendant!